Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ithaca's Lake Show

We're busy as wild hornets preparing for our tour which starts in eight days! And at the same time, making a website, making a dance performance on a raft (which we are making with a lot of help from farmers and friends), trying to raise money for our trip, looking for sponsorship from energy bar companies, and tying up loose ends for a two month hiatus. It feels a little like starting college, or summer camp. There is the eminent departure looming with great anticipation and trepidation. We're having a benefit art show at Juna's Cafe in Ithaca, NY for the month of September. All proceeds will go to feeding our hungry hundred mile days, film cost for documentation and fixing our flats. We'll have phones and occasional internet access, so if you want to meet up along the way, holla' out and we'll let you know our coordinates. The plan: we're driving the Winnebago Art Gallery to Roanoke, VA to start our trip and leave it with a friend, Kate Abarbanel who will be having a show in it while we're away, then we head west to hook up with the Transatlantic Bike Route that will lead us to Utah before we make our own route from there to San Francisco. The goal? To make it to SF in eight weeks. Crazy? Maybe, but we're very silly and believers in making impossibility a reality. Our going away show takes place on Cayuga Lake in Ithaca and will commence at 7pm on August 31st, at East Shore Park, directly following the Critical Mass from the Commons.